Even the Dam Wall Has Damaged and That Are Streams in the Desert As Panic Grips the World


The dreams given for me in the 1980’s happen or have been arriving true today. Some of those involved a substantial dam holding back a sea of plain water onto my own left. Front of me the soil was refrigerated and cracked. Unexpectedly cracks appeared at the water and wall seeped during until the obstruction collapsed. Because the water poured across the ground it soaked into and suddenly green shoots seemed.

Instantly another vision showed me position over the sand dune in the desert. Here me a trickle of water turned in to a creek after which a river that sailed round the street. Next to the water pockets of green appeared.

The significance of those visions was then shown to me if the screenplay started in the Subsequent prophecy:

“Say to those that are of a fearful heart, Be strong: fear not; behold your God will include vengeance… with a recompence… and rescue you… the eyes of the bind will soon be opened, and also the ears of the fiery… unstopped… for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams from the desert” Isaiah 35:4-6

At this time the dreams nor the excuse made substantially sense. Like being a spiritual man with all the experience of reincarnation and also a commission to”tear down the wall of dinosaurs” it had been that the Spirit, the only God, who taught me these things supposed.

It simply happened over months, some two years to be more precise, the moment the bible was rarely from my arms because I had been directed in cover to cover and the major photo was set bare . The truth are that the bible is now a greatly contaminated combination of will work. The Old Testament can be really a conglomeration of all prophecies given to God’s people as well as also the dreams of early leaders.

Even the New Church can be a literary job produced by Jerome, physician of this Catholic Church, (which came into lifetime during Constantine 666 in Revelation 13:12-18), that floundered until he developed the Vulgate towards the conclusion of this 4th CAD. His diaries, letters, and also biography show the way he shifted items to satisfy the religions’ claims.

Through the contradictions and overturn of the Character of the Spirit right into a Trinity God, built to the Vedic gods of India, the spiritual folks became like a desert. Their connection into the Spirit dried upward and that they switched to the approaches of this whole world for answers.

Throughout the last few years the Spirit is back reclaiming its people. My commission to damage the wall is part of it. As the religious oceans pour them over many are reconnecting and turning away from the world as panic grips populations everywhere and massive migrations, famine, and climate modification take effect. Even the recompence of God can be observed from the faces of the who aren’t punished with his or her worship of fake gods.


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