Reverse Funnel System Outlined


I guess if you are reading this you have probably done some research on the Reverse Funnel System and other internet marketing opportunities.

Maybe you have searched through the major search engines and have ended up here. I would guess that you have been looking for online businesses, maybe a work from home opportunity or something similar. It is pretty easy for me to presume this because that is exactly what I did – and not too long ago either.

Since retiring from teaching I have tried many things online to earn an income from home with varying success. Here’s just a few:

o Site Build It – website step by step method – great system clickfunnels $37.
o Google Cash – system worked well but was extremely competitive.
o Directory Generator – developed a system to build sites and then blog and ping. This system was awesome and extremely profitable.
o Joined membership sites including Instant Niche Portals and Dream 200 and to date earning have been very scarce, not even enough to cover membership.

I have worked extremely hard and diligently since the days of Directory Generator but nothing comes even close to the earnings of those days.

What I have been searching for in a new business is probably quite similar to you. My criteria include the following:

o A proven system that I can follow step by step
o An opportunity that not everyone on the internet is doing
o Quality products to promote both online and offline
o Strong backup and support for all levels of online experience
o Generous payment schemes with unlimited potential.
o A turnkey system with very little set up time
o The opportunity to work as a team with like minded people.

This leads me to where I am now. I found and researched, just like you are doing now, information about the RFS and other Work from Home opportunities.

The RFS is a proven SYSTEM that anyone – even with the smallest knowledge of computers – can follow. But is one of many around on the internet at the moment.

Your task is to drive traffic to your site. Over 1000 places to advertise are shown and my team offers training including a forum, pre-written articles, ezines and many, many more aids.

One advantage of the RFS is that I don’t need to call or contact anyone, they all go through the ‘funnel process’ and decide themselves if this is for them.

Look closely at this opportunity to see if it is for you. Work out the work that is involved and if you have the skills and also finance available to pay for banner advertising, pay per click and so forth.

Just like with any Work From Home opportunity – if you do nothing, then you will get nothing. There isn’t the magic box of cash over the rainbow – any online business opportunity must be worked properly as a real business.

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